• Throwing larger Vases with Uliana (Intermediate)
  • Throwing larger Vases with Uliana (Intermediate)
  • Throwing larger Vases with Uliana (Intermediate)
  • Throwing larger Vases with Uliana (Intermediate)

Throwing larger Vases with Uliana (Intermediate)

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Join Uliana from Uli Clay Studio for an immersive pottery workshop focused on crafting various forms of vases on the pottery wheel. Uliana who is very skilled in vase shaping and surface design, will guide participants through the intricacies of creating stunning vase designs.

Participants in this workshop should have prior experience working on the pottery wheel, including the ability to effortlessly center clay and shape cylinders. With approximately 1-3kg of clay provided per person (adjusted based on individual skill levels), participants will delve into the art of vase making over the course of three days.

Each session spans 2.5 hours (6-8:30pm), during which participants will refine their skills under Uliana's expert guidance. The workshop includes a glazing service for two vases per person. Additional vases can be fired for a fee, providing participants with the opportunity to expand their collection of handcrafted pottery.

This class will be taught in English.

How to prepare for the class: For the classes you might want to wear something you wouldn‘t mind getting a little dirty as well as shorten your finger nails. We will provide an apron and everything that‘s needed for every participant.

Picking-Up Your Pieces: Finalizing your pieces might take between 3-6 weeks. Once your pieces are ready, you will be notified via email and might pick up your pieces during our Open Studio Hours on Thursdays between 5-9pm. 

Gift Voucher: If you want to buy this workshop as a gift for someone else please get in touch via hello@claistudio.com. Thank you.

Cancellation Policy: In case you need to cancel your booking please do so 10 days prior to our first session in order to get a refund. Also please make sure to block all dates of the sessions as they are fixed. Missed classes can not be reimbursed or repeated.

Number of participants: The workshop will be held in a small group of six participants. The minimum number of participants in order for this class to take place is four. 

Location: All classes take place at our Studio at Christinenstraße 32 in 10119 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Please ring the doorbell and walk through to the backyard.

Please note: By booking this class you assure that you have a private liability insurance.

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