Founded by Stefanie Lennartz in 2021, claï studio ceramic atelier is the result of a never ending passion for material, handcraft and design. Having a formal background in architecture, her work centers around minimalist shapes and natural colors, following a delicate design approach and clarity of design language.

More about

  • The Atelier

    Besides our main passion of producing ceramic tableware and interior objects for your everyday use, claï studio is an educational studio that offers a variety of monthly Throwing Wheel Classes and Handbuilding Workshops taught by Phyllis, Victoria and Steffi. We also like to share the studio with fellow potters, offering weekly Open Studio Hours and monthly Memberships. Furthermore we always love to work together with friends, designers, coffee shops or restaurants to create exciting cooperations and commissions. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!

  • The Founder

    Stefanie Lennartz was born and raised in Cologne. After moving to Berlin in 2009 she studied Architecture and European Business. In 2018, whilst being employed as an architect, she started exploring working with clay. Three years later she decided to leave the field of Architecture to work full-time as a potter, and In 2021 claï studio ceramic atelier was born. She runs the studio by herself and is responsible for the design and production process, creative direction, distribution as well as social media and online appearance. If you would like to see more of Steffi's everyday work, follow along.

  • The Material

    All of our products are made from natural material, locally sourced in the western part of Germany (Westerwald). Unlike porcelain which is mixed from three different ingredients (kaolin, quartz and feldspar) clay is a natural material found in soils as weathered stone. Its plasticity, when mixed with water, is what makes it unique from other types of soils and allows us to form vessels from it. When fired at a certain temperature, the material's pores melt together und become it's next form: the long-lasting ceramic vessel like we know it today. This technique has been practiced for thousands of years and is affectionately continued through studios like ours.

  • The Product

    All of our pieces are designed and handcrafted in our small atelier in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.

    Before a piece of table-or homeware is completed, it runs through roughly 20 production steps including a broad preparation of the production process, the production process itself, in-between storage and drying times, two firings and finishing processes. Considering the impact of the artist or maker in each of these process steps, variations in size, colour or shape should not be considered imperfections but characteristics and proof of a handmade product.